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About us

The Institute for Lifestyle Options and Longevity (ILOL) is an international institute specializing in two integrated areas:

  • health care
  • social marketing

ILOL is located in Prague, but its organization and functions are virtual. It is one of the new innovative think tanks in the world with scientists, medical experts, and researchers gathered from many countries.

ILOL is focusing on several research projects that are internally generated and made publically available in the form of concept papers and conferences. Its financing is obtained from competitive grants received from major international foundations, membership support, and individual contributions. The primary objective is to inform public policy decision makers, corporate executives, and the public on issues concerning healthcare and related areas of scientific developments that are changing the entire healthcare field with a strong emphasis on individual well being and longevity.

In the process of creating an innovative knowledge base, ILOL is also conducting commissioned health care related research for a variety of international clients including government agencies. Because of its extensive contacts with healthcares specialists and research scientists, ILOL also offers executive and managerial mentoring and educational training concerning a variety of aspects related to health care technology and innovative practices.

ILOL is in the process of appointing a group of associates in several areas of health care. The associates are scientists and health care researchers who will cooperate on projects identified by ILOL.

ILOL is managed by an internal team of scientists advised by an international scientific board.

about ILOL


ILOL became a member of the network of European think-tanks to share ideas and arguments aimed at reforming Europe’s economy and welfare systems. Combined, think tanks in the Stockholm Network publish thousands of op-eds in the high quality European press, produce many hundreds of publications, and hold a wide range of conferences, seminars and meetings. As such, the Stockholm Network and its members influence the ideas of many millions of Europeans every year. Read more on